You Will Never Amount To Anything

© My Tame Monkey


And I say to myself
I don't need any help
I can stay and carry on
I don't need to hurry on

I don't care what you say
I don't care if you may
Be holding out your hand
In the hope of catching on

I don't feel ashamed
To be living this way
Coz I never had no-one
So why shouldn't that change


And I pray to myself
Put on my bible belt
It won't change how I feel
To have never had a meal

Only a bite of a surreal
Slice of feeling real
I know I read too much
From that one passing look

And today's will be the same
As yesterday's blame
And the ocean of guilt
Will show how well I'm built

Words that I say
Come out the wrong way
And it causes anxiety
Whenever I write any


And it's one thing to do
Then another that suits you
I'm so here I can't see
What this body holds for me

And if I should carry on
Deciding right from wrong
I should really make it look
Like I read it in a book

And if you can tell me now
I'll make you a new vow
To keep on the same path
I know you might laugh

But if you can take my word
I will never draw more blood
I will never look a blade
In the same way again



Self-deprecate, uneducate
Under-achieve and over-compensate
You're totally, mind-numbingly
Close-mindedly, nail-bitingly...

You will never amount to anything
You will never amount to anything
You will never amount to anything
You will never amount to anything

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Verse (Bass)


Chorus (Bass)